Introducing the Arc Board

The Arc Board is a whiteboard capture device and software platform designed to meet the needs of the modern collaborator. The Arc Board combines the real, classic feel of a traditional whiteboard with powerful streaming and sharing features typically only seen on touchscreen and stylus based devices - but without the hassle.



Write on a real surface with a real marker


The Arc Board intelligently captures your whiteboard session as a presentation that you can save, edit, share, stream, and replay


Available in various formats and sizes ranging from 16" to 80"+, the Arc Board can be customized to perfectly match your wall or current installation.


A physical whiteboard backed by a collaborative digital platform

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Collaborate effortlessly

Any writeable surface

Whiteboards, blackboards, glass and more

Designed for


Engage your students after class by making lecture notes available.  Embrace a hybrid classroom by streaming lectures to remote learners on the whiteboard you prefer.


Automate your workflow by automatically making meeting notes
available within your team or organization.


Share, stream, and collaborate using your whiteboard from home for e-learning or remote work

Remote work

Design, plan, and collaborate as if your team members are in the meeting room beside you.

The Boards

The Arc Board is available in various formats and sizes ranging from 16" to 80"+ and can be customized to perfectly match your room, wall or current installation.

For versatility


For new installations

Wall Mounted

For existing installations


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